Dear Friends and Loyal Clients of Laurie’s Annapolis Dog Obedience Training,

It is with mixed feelings that we must announce that after 44 years of serving the Annapolis canine community, Laurie Neomany is now retired. With well over 12,000 happy customers, Laurie trained dogs of all breeds and sizes, and specialized in Basic and Advanced Canine Obedience. Laurie has received LOTS of praise, as well as an immense number of tail wags and kisses—too many to count. We wish to THANK YOU, Laurie, for a job well done, and for helping to make us better owners with the best behaved dogs!

A personal note from Laurie:
I want to THANK YOU with all of my heart for all of the love, support and friendship that you have given to me and my dogs over the past 44 years—all of which have been filled with the joy of seeing your faces and wagging tails. I would also like to offer my deepest gratitude to you, my many outstanding clients and all of your dogs over those years. THANK YOU for making Annapolis Dog Obedience Training successful. Classes were always fun, upbeat, and friendly. It was my sincere pleasure to assist you in making your canine companions all that they could and should be. I wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous future.

Laurie Neomany

Affordable, Reliable Dog Training for the Annapolis Area

Professional Canine Obedience Training is owned and operated by Laurie Neomany, a mature, reliable Annapolitan and dog-lover with over 44 years of professional dog training experience. Laurie has trained over 12,000 dogs of all breeds and sizes, and specializes in basic and advanced canine obedience.

Weekday and weekend hours are available. With over 12,000 happy customers, Laurie has LOTS of references! For more information or to find out about upcoming classes, check out our Facebook page for the latest news and LOTs of class photos!


Dog Obedience Training

Laurie has trained OVER 12,000 dogs of all breeds and sizes, and specializes in basic and advanced canine obedience.

Group and Private Classes

Laurie offers private training for all levels from beginner to advanced obedience training. She also offers group classes for her advanced obedience students and handlers.

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