Dog Training

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Dog Training Services

Call Laurie to discuss dog training for your adult dog or puppy including:

Dog Training
Laurie working German Shepherd Dog, Jorja, outside the Eastport Democratic Club.
  • Private Basic and Advanced Obedience Dog Training (from 9 weeks of age)
  • Advanced Group Classes (6 mos. to adult)
  • Puppy Kindergarten (for puppies 10-16 weeks)
  • Weekday & Weekend Appointments
  • All Breeds – Beginner and Advanced
  • Positive reinforcement methods
  • Special needs training (ex, for deaf or vision-impaired dogs)

What kinds of problems can Laurie help with?

With over 43 years of professional training experience, Laurie has helped thousands of owners and their dogs to solve all kinds of problems, including:

  • digging
  • inappropriate chewing
  • begging
  • not coming when called
  • nipping
  • pulling on the leash
  • separation anxiety
  • whining for attention
  • excessive barking
  • jumping on yourself or others
  • bolting out the door or fence
  • biting
  • aggression to people, animals, or other dogs
  • noise phobias
  • food guarding
  • potty problems
  • and more!

What will your dog learn?

Imagine this. You are only 8 weeks away from having the well-behaved dog you always imagined he or she would be! Your dog will learn to behave him or herself in every situation—at home or out and about. Don’t believe it can happen that quickly? Try a few classes. You WILL be amazed! In just an hour per week, your dog will learn to:

  • COME immediately when called, on command, to your feet (no matter what else is going on or who else is around)
  • SIT and STAY on command (near you and at a distance)
  • DOWN and STAY on command (near you and at a distance)
  • STAND and STAY for examination (great for vet visits, wiping dirty paws, etc.)
  • HEEL at your left side when walking, without pulling on the leash. (After all, you’re walking them!)
  • BEHAVE in the presence of other dogs
  • IGNORE other stimuli like people and other animals
  • WALK on lead in a crowd of people
  • and more!


Advanced group classes are conveniently held on the grounds of the Eastport Democratic Club, Truxton Park, or in Laurie’s fenced back yard (depending on weather and class size). Private lessons are offered at your home or any suitable meeting place!